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You can't build anything worthwhile without the right tools.  The following resources, tools and products have been essential in building my business and keeping it functioning efficiently.  I recommend these resources and hope they will provide you value. This resource list is fluid and will be updated regularly.  Enjoy!


Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links I share below are affiliate links, and are provided at no additional cost to you.  HoweverI will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through the link provided.  I share and recommend these products or companies to you having found them as helpful tools in my business journey.  Purchasing any of these products is at your own discretion should you decide they may assist you in building or attaining your business goals.  




Podcasts are amazing!  Whether you're looking to start a podcast or already have one, here are some great podcast resources to help you along the way.  Like many other things, there is a great deal of subjectivity among podcasters' as to what the best gear, kit and setup is for podcasting.  In the end, it really is about three things: 

1) Price Point    What you can afford toward equipment can make a difference, especially if you're just starting out.  The good news is that podcasting can be done well even with a moderate budget.  There are many affordable pieces of equipment that can get you started without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank!  

2) Quality    You can have a great niche, a great podcasting voice and high value content, but if your podcast suffers from poor sound quality and sub par editing, then don't expect to go far.  Anyone can have a great sounding, high quality podcast with just a little bit of attention, research, and practice.  Quality matters, especially if you are podcasting to grow your business.  Your listener's time is valuable, reward their dedication by giving them quality sound and great content.  

3) Preference    When it's all said and done, the right podcasting equipment is whatever works best for you.  There is a myriad of quality equipment in the marketplace to choose from, so it really comes down to what both you and your audience approve of.  Chances are you will experiment with different microphones, digital recorders, editing software, etc. in your search for what is "just right;" and that's half the fun of learning the podcast craft.  


*Note:  Portability is important for business, whether it is for podcasting, Periscoping, blogging, etc.  Anywhere you see a green colored P symbol next to a product is to indicate that these items are portable in nature and ideal for on-the-go entrepreneurs.


Podcast / Website Hosting

  • Podcast Websites:  If you're looking for an all in-one WordPress website solution for your podcast, blog, videos, etc., then look no further.  Podcast Websites offers a complete solution with features such as: website hosting, theme installation, domain name, website security, site backup, media hosting, and statistics.  With additional features such as design services, developer support, and monthly live stream and video tutorials; Podcast Websites gives you the convenience and peace of mind you need so you can focus on what matters most.


Digital Recorder

  • Tascam DR-100 MKI: (P)  The more I use this digital recorder, the more I love it!  If you're looking to start podcasting on a budget without sacrificing quality, or even if you're a seasoned pro, this is a great choice.  It's portable, so it's perfect for on the fly or on the road interviews, offers a built-in rechargeable and back-up battery source, 2 XLR microphone inputs, phantom power, and can support up to 8GB of memory.  It is a great piece of kit and has far too many features to list here.  Worth serious consideration!


USB Audio Interface

  • Scarlett Studio by Focusrite:  This is perhaps the hidden gem for podcasters', especially if you're just getting started and want a great price point option!  Scarlett Studio offers an all-in-one solution for podcasting by combining a digital USB audio interface, an XLR Microphone with cable, studio quality headphones, and editing software.  If you want a high-quality plug and play podcast kit for your PC or MAC, look no further. 



  • Focusrite CM25(XLR / Condensor)  This is the microphone that comes with the Scarlett Studio Kit listed above.  It is an XLR Condensor microphone, and has great quality overall, offering crisp sound and low background noise.  Microphones are where you tend to find the greatest subjectivity among podcasters', so once again, it all comes down to what your experiences, end-use and preferences are.  The CM-25 is a quality microphone that will not only get you started, but could be your go-to mic for years to come.


  • Audio Technica ATR2500: (USB / Condensor) (P)  Audio Technica has been producing quality microphones for many years.  As you research and read what many podcaster's use as their day to day preferred microphone, you will hear Audio Technica recommended again and again.  This is my USB plug and play microphone, and it's ideal for Skype interviews or if you want a semi-portable microphone for use with a laptop, etc.  It offers a built-in headphone jack for monitoring your recording, as well as headphone volume controls.  Another great feature of this microphone is that you can usually find one for less than $100 dollars! 


  • Audio Technica ATR288W: (Wireless Lavalier  / Dynamic) (P)  Whether you're just getting started or if you're looking for a wireless mic set that won't break the bank, then check out this package from Audio Technica.  This kit features a VHF wireless lavalier microphone for hands free use, and also includes a wired dynamic microphone for handheld use.  Great for podcast interviews and DSLR video shoots. Although there are many wireless microphone alternatives out there, if you're looking for a solid set that has crisp sound and good range, then seriously consider this kit.   


Pop Filter

  • Windtech 2000:  Having a pop filter for your microphone is essential unless you're a die-hard fan of popping p's and shrill s sounds when you speak.  Trust me, your audience will appreciate your small investment into a pop filter.  I prefer the Windtech 2000 for a few reasons:  First of all, it just plain works.  Secondly, it adapts to most standard microphones.  Lastly, it looks great.  There are cheaper alternatives out there, but sometimes you get what you pay for!  




  • Focusrite HP-60These are the headphones that come with the Scarlett Studio Kit listed above.  They are a studio quality headphones that are more than up to the task for monitoring your recordings.  The headphones provide excellent cushioning and do well at eliminating outside noise through a comfortable yet firm fit around your ears.  The extra long cord is also a nice feature. 


  • JBL Syncros Reflect: (PThese are wired headphones that are ideal for portable use.  They include a built-in microphone with audio controls, so it is great for Periscope broadcasts, taking audio notes, or listening to your favorite podcast, Audible book or music.  A nice feature is that they are in ear form-fitting, so if you do any exercise they will stay put. 


  • Motorola Buds: (P)  These are wireless bluetooth rechargeable headphones that feature a built-in microphone, volume and track controls as well as magnetic ear buds to keep everything in place.  These headphones are one of my favorites due to their compact size, great sound, and ease of use.



  • ID3 Editor Uploading your podcast to iTunes requires you have it tagged properly with the basic title, author, artist, etc., at least if you want anyone to ever find it!  🙂  ID3 Editor offers the ability to edit and tag your podcasts with greater detail, such as copyright, encoded by, and Podcast artwork.  A simple but necessary tool.


  • Adobe Audition Adobe Audition allows you to record, mix, and edit your podcast with a professional set of audio tools.  There are other podcast recording and editing options out there, but Audition is heads and shoulders above the rest.


  • Auphonic A quality podcast requires great content, but also great sound quality!  Auphonic offers top quality sound analyzation and correction for your podcast.  Auphonic ensures that your podcast episodes have proper sound balance, noise and hum reduction, various encoding options, and advanced features such as titles, chapter marks and automatic content deployment.


  • Pamela for SkypeIf you plan on doing podcast interviews via Skype, Pamela will be one of your best friends.  Pamela allows for both audio and video recording through Skype.  Pamela is feature rich and delivers high-quality recordings that can be imported and edited for your podcast episodes. 


  •  This is a must have software for Periscope.  ScopeFreak allows you to download the source file of any Periscope video to your PC or cloud-based drive.






Livestreaming has taken the world by storm!  Whether your platform is Periscope, Blab, Facebook Mentions Live, or all of them; livestreaming is a social medium that can be used to promote both your personal or business brand.  Here is the equipment I use and recommend:


 Mobile Phone

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +: (PThis is my day-to-day phone, and I love it.  The edge to edge AMOLED display is stunning, and the camera takes outstanding stills and video.  I know, there is always the endless debate between Android or iPhone, but the options and platform work seamlessly for me.


Phone/Camera Mount

  • Apiring Cinema Mount Pro(P This smartphone mount system works with virtually any phone and has plenty of adaptability.  You can attach multiple hot shoe points to add lighting, microphone mounts, or whatever livestreaming add-ons you may require.  It also includes swappable lenses (Macro, Fisheye, Telescopic x12), light filters, lens cap and sling strap.  It truly is a central and essential piece of kit for your livestreaming setup.



  • Movo PM10 Lavalier Microphone(PThis omnidirectional condenser microphone delivers crisp voice recording, ideal for livestreaming or podcasting on the go.  The price point is fantastic, and it includes 2 wind guards, 2 lapel clips, and a convenient carrying case.


  • Movo PM10EC6 Microphone Extension Cord(PThis 20-foot cord extends your lavalier microphone for greater ease of use and portability. Fits a standard 3.5mm TRRS microphone jack.  



  • GoDox LED 64 Portable Dimmable Video Light(PGood lighting can make the difference between a great live stream or a forgettable one.  This GoDox LED light is great because is packs a big punch in a small package.  It features a dimmable dial, hot shoe mount, operates on battery or AC power, and can be interlocked with other lights for additional brightness.  I have two of these in my kit.mmA smart, compact and portable must have!



  • Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod(PA good mini tripod can be hard to find.  Look no further.  Manfrotto is known for their quality products and design, and this mini-tripod delivers.  I use this when on the go, for a quick run or anytime I need a solid grip during a live stream broadcast.  Features a universal ¼” screw thread mount, collapsible legs that double as an extra- long handle, push-button pivoting ball-head with auto-lock mechanism, and stable wide angle legs when extended for tabletop use.


  • iTrek Super Mount (PThe iTrek Super Mount is the perfect companion to the Manfrotto mini-tripod listed above.  It is constructed of solid aluminum and features a padded mounting point to prevent device damage, and provides portrait or landscape options for phone and tripod mounting.


  • Square Jellyfish Mini-Tripod Legs & Micro-Ball Mount(PThis is my day-to-day tripod, and is one of the most versatile, compact and reliable tripods you can find.  Great for live streaming, watching or recording videos.  Square Jellyfish’s tripod systems are intuitive, interchangeable and expandable depending on your smartphone or tablet needs. Throw one in your pocket and you’re always prepared.


  • Square Jellyfish Spring Tripod Mount(PThis is the spring-loaded tripod mount that attaches to the legs and ball-mount listed above.  It can accommodate smartphones from 2 ¼” to 3 5/8” wide.  It will hold your phone securely due to the three points of contact. 



  • BUBM Universal Cable Organizer(PWhat does it take to run your business? Microphones, extension cables, chargers, power adapters, power packs, lenses, memory cards and a myriad of others accessories for your Periscope or podcasting needs.  This cable organizer is the perfect way to store all of your accessories securely and conveniently.  It features zippered compartments, mesh pockets and elastic cable/cord holders. With this organizer in your backpack, you’re truly road-ready. 


  • Movo PM10EC6 Microphone Extension Cord(PThis 20-foot cord extends your lavalier microphone for greater ease of use and portability. Fits a standard 3.5mm TRRS microphone jack.  



  • ScopeFreak This is a must have software for Periscope.  ScopeFreak allows you to download the source file of any Periscope video to your PC or cloud-based drive.  Once downloaded, edit your Scopes and upload to whatever social media platform you desire.  It also features one-click You-Tube uploads.  A great way to use your Periscope videos for marketing your personal or your business brand!


  • Zoom If you plan on hosting split screen Periscope broadcasts that allow you to feature guests, then Zoom is an essential video conferencing tool for you.  






A successful business is a complex mechanism that requires the right combination of planning, tools, marketing, services, and implementation.  Finding that combination can be challenging.  Here are some of my favorite products to help your business perform at its optimal level. 



  • Social Video Spark Facebook is the number 1 way most people discover video.  That means that from a marketing standpoint, it's the platform that can potentially make the biggest impact for your campaigns or lead generation.  Social Video Spark utilizes Facebook's native video player and allows you to share custom videos, as well as download and share Periscope and YouTube videos.  It also automatically  plays your custom branded video intro and outro with each post.  Social Video Spark is the only app that allows autoplay of your videos on the mobile platform, which generates more views and potential subscribers.  This software also features a customizable call to action button at the end of each video you post, and includes built-in tracking and data to analyze which posts and campaigns are working most effectively.  A powerful marketing tool in your arsenal!


  • Funnelkit Go Landing pages are an essential building block of your business.  They can market a product or service, welcome new subscribers, sign up potential customers, and promote your brand or message.  Creating an effective and attention-grabbing landing, squeeze, webinar, sales, or any other type of marketing page can be a difficult and time consuming process.  But, finding the right funnel and page designing process to build your brand and serve your audience doesn't have to be a headache.  Enter Funnelkit Go!  Funnelkit Go is a WordPress plug-in that features a simple drag and drop customizable page designer that does not require monthly contracts or fees.  It works with most autoresponders and also features geographically targeted pages, and mobile responsive pages.  Make one of the most important parts of your business easier, faster and better with Funnelkit Go!   


  • Socispot This is a great way to drive and increase lead generation for promoting your products or building your email list.  Socispot allows you to create clickable "hotspots" in your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts.  It also features one-click "hotspots" for phone or Skype calls, as well as video "hotspots" that contain a video within your selected image.  Most social posts or ad campaigns contain static images.  Socispot turns your post into an active, eye-catching and interactive marketing tool.  I love this innovative product because it helps your posts and campaigns get noticed!


  • Easy VSL 2.0 If you are doing any type of video editing, you know that words capture and convert.  They are powerful.  Easy VSL is an all-in-one video sales app that simplifies video editing and increases sales conversions.  With a user-friendly interface, Easy VSL allows you to type your  sales or video text, and allow the software to automatically create your slides for you.  Other features include built-in voice recording, 1-click video syndication, timeline editor and enhanced animations and effects.  Save yourself time and money....Easy VSL simply works!


  • ConnectLeads This software maximizes the power of Facebook Lead Ads by capturing and converting new subscribers to your email list automatically, without delay or complicated two-step conversion.  It works seamlessly with most autoresponders, and provides time-saving and stream-lined lead generation.  ConnectLeads puts your Facebook email list building on autopilot, so you can work smarter, not harder!  


 Video / Editing


  • Viddyoze This software maximizes the power of Faceboo


  • Vlydo This software maximizes the power of Facebook


  • Video Script 2.0 This software maximizes the power of Facebook


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