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Starting or maintaining a business is hard work.  My goal is to help business owners, especially new entrepreneurs make the journey to independence and financial freedom as simplified and stress free as possible.  It is my hope that these free products will assist you as you build your business.  Use them, share them!  

Please note:   These are entry level software programs, plug-ins, etc.  They are not intended to be long-term business solutions.  They are basic tools to assist those starting their businesses and are offered that they might provide value and insight.  There are certainly more comprehensive products available, but if you are just starting out and looking for an effective no-cost option, this is a great starting point.  


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Running an online business without effective social media integration is like trying to swim without water.  You can flail your arms and kick, but you won’t get very far.  Social Map provides a simple way to track your social media presence, engagement and impact so you can interpret where you’re having the most success with your content, shares and campaigns.  

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Building your email list is essential to growing your business.  List Builder is a simple tool that allows you to create landing or squeeze pages with the  included templates.  Use this tool to help you capture leads and grow your brand.  

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